Marcy Dam Pond

Marcy Dam Pond, similarly to Lake Colden, is located in the heart of the High Peaks, and suffers from severe overuse. Many of the most popular hiking trails in the High Peaks travel by Marcy Dam Pond, not the least of which is the shortest route to Mt. Marcy, the Van Hoevenberg Trail. There are six lean-tos in the vicinity of the pond; at least two are planned to be removed under the High Peaks Unit Management Plan to help curtail overuse. The pond exists due to a dam on one of the numerous streams in the High Peaks named Marcy Brook (this one is the same Marcy Brook that Indian Falls is located on). The pond is gradually filling in with silt from the surrounding peaks; without maintenance, it won't be too long before the pond is no more.

The view from Marcy Dam. The summits of both Mt. Colden (left)
and Avalanche Mt. are obscured by the clouds.
July 9, 1998.

The dam at Marcy Dam.
July 9, 1998.

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