Indian Lake

Indian Lake is a long, narrow lake in the central Adirondacks. Although rather frequently used and easily accessible by car, it has a distinctly wild character due to its being almost completely surrounded by wilderness areas. There is a state campground on the southern end of the lake, and there are designated campsites along much of the shoreline and on the islands in the lake as well. Sabael Benedict, a Penobscot Native, was the Indian of Indian Lake (see the Names page for more information). The view from the lake is absolutely gorgeous for much of its length, with Snowy Mt. dominating the view to the west, and Kunjamuk Mt. and other peaks visible to the east. From our island campsite in May, 1999, we were put to sleep by the dull roar of Beaver Brook cascading into the lake after separating into three forks. Unfortunately not a single photo of any of these waterfalls came out well.

Looking north from where the Jessup River Flows into Indian Lake.
November 14, 1998.

Looking north from our island campsite,
about five miles from the northern end of Indian Lake.
May 1, 1999.

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